Even during a very busy summer the ISS Mechanical service team took time for training.

ISS Mechanical  believes in the development of our employees.  We do this through in house and factory training courses.   During a very hot and busy 2015 summer senior service technician, John Wojcik, put together several morning training courses for the field.  He worked with other service technicians on proper brazing of dissimilar metals, proper coil cleaning and use of coil cleaners and electrical circuitry.

"I am very blessed to have employees that want to learn and better themselves.  I am also very proud of John Wojcik for taking the lead on putting together our in house training program.  John is a great mentor to other technicians.  I am looking forward to the Fall / Winter courses.20150624_071352 20150624_072038 20150624_072938 20150624_075530 20150729_070340 20150729_072139 20150729_072830 20150729_075137 20150826_072810 20150826_072857 20150826_073211 20150826_080839" Richard Bodwell, President.



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